Tourist Visa


  1. Complete the sworn statement for visa application* . ( You must also paste a full color passport picture).
  2. Current American passport. (Please note that it must be valid for at least 6 more months as per the Instructive 02/2007 of the Ministry.)
  3. Copy of the hotel reservation or invitation letter from Bolivian friends or relatives indicating the host address.
  4. Round trip ticket or copy of travel itinerary.
  5. Bank statement that shows economic solvency. (Please note that the validity of the document should be for at least the travel period). Parent's or Legal Guardian's Economic Solvency documents are accepted for underage applicants.
  6. Visa fee: US$ 160.- One Hundred and Sixty dollars.

- Debit or credit card (If you leave your application in person at the Consulate)

- Money Order payable to CONSULADO DE BOLIVIA


-This amount is not reimbursable

* Sworn statement for VISA application is available at Consular Offices or download it here


Processing Time for Visas: 7 Business Days


IMPORTANT: Incomplete application will be returned without being processed


Processing by Mail

You can complete the process by mail. Payment must be sent in Money Order payable to the Consulate of Bolivia. We recommend using a reliable, certified or express currier mail service. Package should include a return pre-paid envelope with the correct return address. Shipping and returns costs are covered by the applicant. The Consulate is not responsible for lost or damaged documents outside the office or during transit.